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raiz0 Edition 2016 v1.2 [LEGIT Public Settings] - VAC Undetected для CS 1.6

raiz0 Edition 2016 v1.2 including already setted LEGIT Public Aim Settings

- Fully customisable Undetected Aim (legit/rage/custom)
- Clean Screenshots (Anti-ss)
- Triggerbot
- Knifebot
- Undetected Groundstrafe
- Undetected Bunnyhop
- Undetected Jumpbug
- Strafe Hack , helper , stabilizator
- Freelook when alive
- Thirdperson
- Speed Hack , Slowmotion , Hang
- Spam , spam nick , etc
- ESP customisable
- Radar hack
- Wallhack
- [Many many more , see spoiler for full command list , you can type in console ^ and see all for example ^aim]

Currently setted binds(you can remove or change):
Button T -> speedhack
Button F -> Jumpbug
Button Space -> Bunnyhop
Button N -> teleport (where you look)
Button F5 -> (freelook)
Button i -> speak with red/green color
Button ALT -> groundstrafe
Button L -> Rage aim with knife and speed only
Button K -> Stop rage aim with knife and speed
Also you can customise the aim for every weapon for your style.

Have questions ? Reply here (english only so I can understand and help you)

This is:
LEGIT Settings
Work on Protocol 47 , Protocol 48 and STEAM

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